[Openid-specs-ab] Call for Adoption of the "OpenID Connect for W3C Verifiable Credential Objects"

Tom Jones thomasclinganjones at gmail.com
Thu May 6 17:27:05 UTC 2021

I still find the proposal to be a muddled, unworkable mess that
includes topics like credentials that are  new to this group, but if they
want to go off and work on it on their own, they can certainly do that. I
find it to be out-of-scope for SIOP and suggest that they get their own
work group and let us finish SIOP in this committee.  So let's change the
proposal to include that they have to go off into their own work group.

Be the change you want to see in the world ..tom

On Thu, May 6, 2021 at 9:30 AM Nat Sakimura via Openid-specs-ab <
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> Dear AB/C WG members:
> This is a call for adoption for the following draft as a working group
> document.
> *OpenID Connect for W3C Verifiable Credential Objects* [1]
> [1] http://lists.openid.net/pipermail/openid-specs-ab/attachments/20210505/a198527a/attachment-0001.pdf
> The draft was recommended by the SIOP SC as recorded in their minute [2]
> [2] http://lists.openid.net/pipermail/openid-specs-ab/2021-May/008227.html
> This topic was raised during the 2021-05-07 call and encountered some rather strong opposition from several members. Since WG decision is advised to be done through the consensus, i.e., there does not exist sustained and well reasoned opposition from members, I would like to ask members to discuss the concerns in the following ticket:
> *Issue #1229 Adoption of the "OpenID Connect for W3C Verifiable Credential Objects"* [3]
> [3] https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/issues/1229/adoption-of-the-openid-connect-for-w3c
> If the consensus cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, we would have to go through the formal vote route, but I would rather like to avoid it if possible.
> In the mean time, I would like to ask the proposers to create a presentation document (slides) to explain the scope, value, brief overview of the technical content, and relationship with other works especially the OIDF drafts and specifications, just like what is usually presented at IETF for the draft adoption request to assist WG members to evaluate. Apparently, there are many terms that are not usual to this WG involved, so some kind of explainer would certainly help.
> Best,
> Nat Sakimura
> Co-chair, AB/C WG.
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