[Openid-specs-ab] Issue #1227: Core 5.5 - Claims parameter requirements (openid/connect)

mhainework issues-reply at bitbucket.org
Tue May 4 09:51:18 UTC 2021

New issue 1227: Core 5.5 - Claims parameter requirements

Mark Haine:

In Section 5.5 it is not clear whether all implementations should support both openid and userinfo as ways for specific claims to be returned.  It also does not state that the claims request parameter must have at least one of the top level elements.

There is a second issue being raised to add an additional item of metadata to the discovery spec in support of this.

This issue has emerged due to work being done on both SIOP and eKYC & IDA


Initial draft wording to add…

“When the claims parameter is supported one or more of the available top-level members must be present

The `claims_responses_supported` Discovery result indicates which of the top-level members of the claims request the OP supports.”

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