[Openid-specs-ab] Issue #1246: Binding of claims and presentation and OP (openid/connect)

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Wed Jun 16 06:36:15 UTC 2021

New issue 1246: Binding of claims and presentation and OP

Nat Sakimura:

**Tobias Looker**


I would assume the binding is not just to the subject and claim set, but also to the intermediary presenting them \(OP\)




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**Nat Sakimura**

5 days ago

I am not sure if there needs to be a direct binding.

There needs to be two kinds of strong bindings:

1. between the Claim Set from the CP and the OP \(Wallet\) response \(e.g., ID Token\)
2. Between the OP and OP response.

OP and OP Response is bound by the `iss` of the OP response and the signature, and that is given by OIDC Core.

Is there a reason for having direct binding?

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