[Openid-specs-ab] Draft Meeting Notes (2021-06-07)

Nat Sakimura nat at digitalideas.tokyo
Tue Jun 8 00:49:41 UTC 2021

OpenID AB/Connect WG Meeting Notes (2021-06-07)
* Date & Time: 2021-06-07 15:00 UTC
* Location: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/181372694

1.   Roll Call
2.   Adoption of Agenda (Nat)
3.   External Orgs and Events
3.1.   TSA Drivers Licence
4.   Drafts
4.1.   Final Public Review of CIBA Core
5.   PRs (Nat)
5.1.   PR 21: Claims Aggregation Revision
6.   Issues (Nat)
7.   AOB

The meeting was called to order at 15:06 UTC.

Roll Call
* Attending:
#. Anthony Nadalin (It),
#. Nat Sakimura,
#. Vittorio Bertocci,
#. Jeremie Miller,
#. David Waite (Ping Identity),
#. Tom Jones,
#. Pamela Dingle,
#. Edmund Jay,
#. Bjorn Hjelm (Verizon),
#. Mike Jones,
#. Edmund Jay

* Regrets:
* Guest:

Adoption of Agenda (Nat)
Created the agenda on the fly.

External Orgs and Events
TSA Drivers Licence
Vittorio asked if there is any information around the TSA announcement on
Tony replied that TSA is an editor of 18013-5 and has been involved in all
of the interops.
Not only on iPhone but also on Android.

Final Public Review of CIBA Core
* Final public review of the CIBA Core spec has started.
* It is related to OIDC so WG members are encouraged to read it.

PRs (Nat)
PR 21: Claims Aggregation Revision
Tobias pointed out the confusion that may arise because of the use of the
word CP and OP.
He has suggested Claims Authority and Holder for them but Mike pointed out
that CP does not have to be an authoritative source so Claims Authority
would be misleading.
Nat also has pointed out that CP can call another CP and so on. It is
turtles all the way.

For Holder, Nat also pointed out that it will issue claims about user
authentication and it can be providing other claims as an authoritative
source as well. He said he is OK calling it Authentication Provider or
something like that.

ACT: Continue reviewing the PR

Issues (Nat)
We went through the following old unopened issues.

#1169, #1180, #1197, #1200, #1184, #1233, #1234, #1236, #1223,
#1235, #1215, #1230, #1220, #1226, #1221, #1222


The meeting was adjourned at 15:59 UTC
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