[Openid-specs-ab] Spec Call Notes 19-Jul-21

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Jul 20 00:38:46 UTC 2021

Spec Call Notes 19-Jul-21

Mike Jones
David Waite (DW)
Vittorio Bertocci
Nat Sakimura
Kristina Yasuda
Tom Jones
Jeremie Miller
Edmund Jay
Tim Cappalli
Tobias Looker

              OpenID Workshop at EIC in Munich, Monday, September 13, 2021
              Identity Week in London the following week, Sep 22-23
                           Vittorio is going

External Organizations
              W3C Federated Identity Community Group
                           It's created and the first meeting is scheduled
                           Monday, Aug 2, 9-10am Pacific Time
              DIF is starting an Applied Cryptography WG
                           It is incubating cryptographic formats, including for zero-knowledge proofs
                                         The goal is to eventually take the work to the IETF for standardization
                                         Vittorio encouraged them to take things to the IETF early
                           Jeremie said that they do appear to have the competence to do the work
              Tom reported that the DIF ID (Identity & Discovery) group is taking on key representations for DIDs
              DIF is starting a Wallet Security WG
                           Kristina said it is creating guidelines for how wallets would handle VCs
                           There are security levels being promoted by the German government
              DHS Response
                           We haven't sent our response yet
                           Kristina is going back and forth with Torsten about possibly describing a cross-device flow
              Kantara has selected a new Executive Director - Kay Chopard

Open Pull Requests
              #34: Initial merging of claims aggregation and OpenID Credential Provider specs
                           This was superseded by #39, and therefore will be closed
              #39: merging CP into CA
                           There is ongoing discussion on the PR
                           Mike asked the term Wallet to be removed, as it means different things to different people
                                         Tobias was in favor of the term Intermediary Provider
                                         Tom is against using the term Wallet, as is Kristina
                           Kristina wants to see the different flows to be clearly differentiated before the PR is merged
                                         Tobias said that an important distinction is whether the requester wants the ability to re-present the credential
                                         Issuance versus Verification flows have some differences
                                         Audiences and delegation also differ
                                         Tobias called what we're talking about "binding", including for an intermediate party
                                         Jeremy said that we'll have to tackle this to handle delegatable credentials
                                         Tobias said that he'd be glad to work on the spec in the next week

Open Issues
              We ran out of time to discuss open issues

Next Calls
              The next Browser Behaviors Special Topic call may be the last - Wednesday, July 21 at 2:05 Eastern Time
              The next regular Connect call will be on Monday, July 26, 2021 at 4pm Pacific Time
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