[Openid-specs-ab] Suggested structure of the Self-Issued OpenID Provider v2 draft

Nat Sakimura nat at digitalideas.tokyo
Tue Nov 24 00:23:37 UTC 2020

Mke, Kristina, and Tobias,

I would like to suggest following as structure when you are putting the
draft into the boilerplate. I thought about keeping chapter 7 as chapter 7,
but in the end, I thought it did not matter.

1. Introduction (A paragraph or two on what it is training to achieve)
2. IPR statements (copyright boilerplate)
3. Scope (A brief notes on what this document writes and what it does not.)
4. Relationships to other documents (So that people will not get confused)
5. Terms and definition
6. Abbreviations
7. Overview (Explaining the rest of the document, with a note saying some
sections may be spun out as independent documents)
8. Protocol flow
9. SIOP Discovery
10. RP Registration etc.


Nat Sakimura
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