[Openid-specs-ab] Meeting notes for Pacific call (2020-11-16) is available

Torsten Lodderstedt torsten at lodderstedt.net
Tue Nov 17 10:51:17 UTC 2020

Hi all, 

I don’t understand this part:

"In all likelihood, we will continue referencing RFC6749 as there does not seem to be a good way to replace implicit flow in the case of SIOP.“

SIOP uses the „id_token“ response type, which is defined in https://openid.net/specs/oauth-v2-multiple-response-types-1_0.html not in RFC 6749. 

The OAuth 2.1. draft continues to support the „response_type“ parameter, so there is spec wise no problem to continue to define „id_token“ for SIOP.

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> Am 17.11.2020 um 01:29 schrieb Nat Sakimura via Openid-specs-ab <openid-specs-ab at lists.openid.net>:
> Meeting notes for the pacific call is available now. 
> https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/wiki/Connect_Meeting_Notes_2020-11-16_Pacific
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