[Openid-specs-ab] Spec Call Notes 17-Dec-20

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Thu Dec 17 16:34:35 UTC 2020

Spec Call Notes 17-Dec-20

Mike Jones
Nat Sakimura
Alberto Pulido - From eKYC-IDA and Santander
Filip Skokan
George Fletcher
Oliver Terbu
Tom Jones
Tim Cappalli
Achim Schlosser - European Identity Foundation
Kristina Yasuda
John Bradley
Bjorn Hjelm

Conditional Claims at eKYC-IDA WG
              Alberto Pulido made an invited presentation on work happening in the eKYC-IDA working group
              The existence of claim values meeting criteria can be obtained without revealing the value
                           For instance, age >= 18
              Oliver asked whether they looked into using JSON Path for this
                           Albert responded that they looked at a number of other proposals
                           They wanted something simple
                           Oliver said that JSON Path already has relational operators
                           Mike asked whether JSON Path supports querying for values without revealing them
                           Alberto said that operators can be combined
                           Mike said that possibly JSON Path operator syntax can be used even if all of it isn't applicable
              George asked about internationalization considerations
              George asked Bjorn whether features of the MODRNA User Questioning API might be applicable
                           Bjorn thought so
              John observed that there are cans of works about displaying arbitrary RP strings in the OP interface
                           Alberto said that values may need to be checked in the back end
              Nat said that the purpose of the presentation was to ask whether to do this work in eKYC-IDA or in the Connect WG
                           George: There's value of having this work in a common setting
                           John: We had the age claim as an example in the Core spec
                           Bjorn: I believe this belongs in a central place, therefore should be in the Connect WG
              Nat asked if there's enough bandwidth and volunteers to work on this item
                           eKYC has a bunch of people that want to work on it
                           But Nat agrees that it should be in Connect
                           John asked whether those from eKYC could participate in the Connect WG
                           John: We could have special calls for this
                           Mike: We don't want to create a subgroup if that loses the benefit of broad WG review and participation
                           Bjorn: Agrees with Mike. Said that this can be addressed by having published agendas.
                           George: We need decent read-out on a frequent basis to get broad review
                           Nat: We would need a leader for the work
                           John: We should have a document shepherd
                           John: They're just additional working calls with a dedicated agenda
                           Mike: We don't want subgroups.  We want focus areas or work items.
                           John: They can just be calls with agendas published in advance.  If they have clear topics, people will self-select.
                           Kristina: They can be special topic calls.  Several people agreed.
              John: You need a separate field for language/script designation.  UTF-8 is not self-describing.
              John: We should have a contributed document as a starting point
                           Alberto will join the working group and contribute the document
              Nat: We need to identify a leader and then announce special topic calls
              Kristina will serve as a SIOP topic leader.  Mike and Oliver will back her up.

External Organizations - W3C
              George gave a status update on both IsLoggedIn and WebID
                           Apple is pressing forward with IsLoggedIn
                           It might clear cookies for inactive logins
                           The W3C TAG wants to make sure that different browsers implement the same things
                           Google has put WebID support in Chrome canary 89
                           Tim said that it currently errors out early
              George and Vittorio Bertocci are working on responding to these
                           Achim would like to support their work
              Tim said that many consumers wouldn't know that being logged out at Google will also log them out at YouTube
              Tom observed that first party sets could be ambiguous
                           For instance, is amazon.com the same as amazon.co.uk?
              George said that IsLoggedIn currently is only aware of password managers or WebAuthn - not federation, etc.
              Tim and Tom and George and Vittorio will organize a special call about this

External Organizations - DIF
              Kristina reports that DIF is holding a virtual F2F on January 19

SIOP V2 Draft
              The contributed V2 draft matches the scopes of work agreed to on the last call
              We discussed adopting the draft on that basis

prompt=create Draft
              George received feedback on use of metadata
              He will publish an updated draft

RP-Initiated Login Features
              We ran out of time to discuss this

Specification Approval Votes
              Mike reported that there are three outstanding spec approval votes, all of which need more participation
              FAPI 1.0 Final Specifications
              MODRNA Connect User Questioning API Implementer's Draft
              FastFed Implementer's Drafts

Next Call
              The next call is on Monday, December 21 at 3pm Pacific Time
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