[Marketing] Planet Buzz Helps You Start Your Own Home-based Business!

Alison Conner aconner at planetbuzz.com
Wed Apr 29 19:46:50 UTC 2009

Planet Buzz, the online business search
<http://www.planetbuzz.com/business_search.asp>  directory may be the
perfect solution to help unemployed workers through this recession.

Lost your job? Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Look
into signing on as a Planet Buzz agent
and achieve the financial freedom, security and flexibility you've always
dreamed about in a job!

Start a home-based business in a down economy?  Yes, with PlanetBuzz.com,
you can.  Did you know that 16 out of the 30 corporations that make up the
Dow Jones started during a recession? With the right opportunity, you can
earn good money and build wealth, even during an economic downturn.

What makes Planet Buzz such a great home-based business opportunity?  The
earning potential is enormous!  Up to $7-billion dollars of finder's fees
are available each year for PlanetBuzz agents!  When you register as a Buzz
agent, you can earn from 15% to 50% in finder's fees for every sale you
make, depending on your sales level.

And with Planet Buzz, you'll quickly see that the ads almost sell
themselves.  All you have to do is spread the word and give people your
special Buzz Code.  PlanetBuzz is a revolutionary, new business directory
that offers an interactive directory listing with up-to-the-minute
information about local businesses all over the United States and Canada.
No doubt, the Planet Buzz Internet business search will make the old phone
books and Yellow Pages a thing of the past.  Now, customers can search by
business name or business category, find businesses in their local area,
check daily specials or promotional discounts, view streaming video product
demonstrations or commercials and click on the map link to get directions -
all from the same directory listing!  With Social Buzz, a social media/Web
2.0 feature, Planet Buzz users can see what customers are saying about a
business and view its rating (up to five stars).

Sounds good, right?  But how much will business owners have to pay for that
kind of advertising? This is the best part!  A display ad with all the
features only costs $49 per year. For $129 a year, a business can purchase a
featured city ad and lock in top page placement with first right of refusal.
When you compare Planet Buzz advertising
<http://www.planetbuzz.com/advertise.asp>  rates to Yellow Book or even
other online directories, Buzz ads are from 12 to 70 times less.

Consider this; there are 38-million home-based businesses and over 700,000
charitable organizations in North America. You may already have a large
network of contacts who own a business, through your old employer or maybe
through your church.  When a business buys an ad using your Buzz Code, you
earn a finder's fee on the initial sale, but you also earn residual income
off that same sale each year the business renews their ad!

If you want to earn serious income, look into building your own Planet Buzz
sales network.  When you personally register agents to join your PlanetBuzz
team, you can earn override income and residual income from your agent's
sales and renewals!  With a strong Planet Buzz team, you could earn a
six-figure income!

If you're out of work, look into becoming a Planet Buzz agent. It could turn
out to be the best job opportunity of your life! Start your own business
today with Planet Buzz.


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