[OpenID] About Discovery

StephenChan stephenchan.chy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 08:08:16 UTC 2009

Hello everybody, I am a newbie in OpenID development, at the moment I 
have read the openid authentication document and the code of demo for 
python, and I have a puzzle during the communication between RP and OP. 
In the Discovery phase, the RP send a http request to get XRDS,  but 
when I checked the http requests received in the OP, before the XRDS 
request, I found there is another http request like  
"http://host/id/username",  how the OP handle this request is to return 
a page without any useful info, I don't know what it exactly did in this 
request,  is this request a part of the Discovery phase ?  Any diea 
appreciate ^_^

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