[OpenID] Demo Travel/ retailshop

Kick nieuwsgroep at evidos.nl
Sat Apr 25 20:28:20 UTC 2009

I think Brain Kissel and the others of the retail advisory committee
tee-webinar?type=powerpoint) did a great job summarizing the benefits of
OpenID for retailers. It really helps to discuss OpenID with some of the
relying party decision makers.  


In addition to the presentation I think it would help a lot if these
benefits can be showed in an online demo. Convincing potential RP's to start
a pilot project.


Anyone working on a retail demo that shows the benefits by the following


1.       Register online on a demo travelshop with an openid collecting as
much as profile data to prefill the registration form.

2.       Return to the travelsite and easily login with an OpenID

3.       Book a demo holiday and post this back to my IDP/ Social profile
(Like facebook or myspace) telling my connections I planned a holiday with

4.       Additionally easily redirect (Federated login) to a demo
partnersite to rent a car.


A good demo like this would  complement the story to potential RP's and make
it more tangible.


Anyone working on such a demo, plans to, or willing to help on this?





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