[OpenID] OpenID progress in the Netherlands

Paul Madsen paulmadsen at rogers.com
Wed Apr 22 17:24:43 UTC 2009

so the attendees can self-assert that they've paid?

Last I checked, even IIW requires proof.

SitG Admin wrote:
>> -          I don't like a centralized authentication system like OpenID
>> -          OpenID, Huh?
>> To react on most of these issues we have a nice line up off speakers
> Is the "centralization" misconception not one of the issues your 
> speakers are currently prepared to react upon?
> If not, you might be able to work something similar into the event 
> itself - at the door, when you're issuing passes (for future entry), 
> explain that (to fit the OpenID theme) they'll need to additionally 
> write in on their pass the name of someone who can vouch for their 
> having purchased a membership, so they can gain access to the 
> speakers. And, yes, for "centralization" they do have this fellow 
> who's taking admissions, who can vouch for the fact that they did pay 
> for theirs; but he'll be at the door all day, and can't go with them 
> to vouch for their right to access any speaker. However, because 
> OpenID is DEcentralized, and lets the *user* decide who they want 
> their OP to be, they'll write you write in ANY name on your pass; you 
> can put in one of your friends who will be accompanying you the entire 
> time, you can even put your OWN name. And, of course, you can always 
> write in a different/new name later.
> -Shade
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