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Last week was a good week for OpenID in the Netherlands. The major Dutch
social website Hyves released it's support for OpenID, enabling Hyves users
with an OpenID, like Google, Myspace and MS LiveID. About half of the Dutch
Population (8 million) is now enabled with a locally known OpenID.


We planned this press release in advance of the first face to face meetup on
the 12th of May about "OpenID, put into practice"


Off course there are the Frequently Posted Comments (FPC) like:

-          Again an OpenID provider and not a consumer (With the reaction of
Hyves that they need login support for multiple channels like mobile.)

-          OpenID is not secure or trusted.

-          What are the benefits for the retailer?

-          I don't like a centralized authentication system like OpenID

-          OpenID, Huh?


To react on most of these issues we have a nice line up off speakers for May


-          First an organization like the  <http://www.aaa.com/> American
Automobile Association will show how they think they can benefit from
OpenID, OpenSocial in their registration and authentication process.

-          A highly respected security advisor will present on the security
aspects of OpenID. The message will be that the way how you implement any
type of authentication mechanism as a Relying Party is key for creating a
secure system (RP Implementation guidelines OpenID..)

-          Vodafone R&D will show a demo on running an openid provider on a
SIM card (OpenID decentralized). I am sure they can go into  the OpenID
support for multiple device aspects as well.

-          Hyves will present something on being an OpenID provider

-          Someone from government will describe a businesscase to use
openID within a closed community like governmental departments (SAAS) ,
something like SUN did for their employees.

-          Finally someone from a Dutch standardization body will go into
detail about an initiative to work on a "scheme" describing the playing
rules and assurance levels for OpenID providers in the Netherlands.


Setting up trial environments with interested relying parties to answer  the
above issues are the main goals for us  to work on the coming months.
Hopefully we can align these activities on an international level.


The event is in Dutch, but anyone on this list is invited to visit the
event. More info on www.openidentiteit.nl




Drs. Kick Willemse
k.willemse at evidos.nl

Evidos, Evidence in Online Services
Zaanenlaan 49
2023 SJ Haarlem

The Netherlands








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