[OpenID] Automating the user's selection of OP

George Fletcher gffletch at aol.com
Tue Apr 21 20:29:12 UTC 2009

We could use smart software in the browser to handle this (e.g. Verisign 
Seatbelt or Sxipper) but with a much better set of features for the 
user, and better detection of web sites that support OpenID (e.g. the 
Vidoop plugin for flock).

While we can't ever get away from the need to support "dumb browser" 
experiences, in my mind it makes more sense to optimize for an "identity 
agent" aware device while not precluding the "dumb browser" experience. 
There is a lot we can do to make a seamless user-centric experience 
using an "identity agent" on the user's device.

My 2 cents:)


SitG Admin wrote:
>> So you are still back to asking the user which OP's he would like to 
>> login
>> with.
>> You might as well ask the question at the start itself and set a 
>> cookie for
>> the user.
> Which returns you to the problem this was intended to solve: isn't it 
> a bit much to ask the user to type in their OpenID when you can fill 
> it in for them automatically?
> -Shade
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