[OpenID] Facebook wildfire spreading of OpenID

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
Tue Apr 14 01:37:09 UTC 2009

So what should they be talking about ?

SSL was launched with a simple message: makes e-commerce safe enough for consumers. (An  unstated message (for obvious reasons) was: it makes porn easier to transfer legally, given porn was the first e-commerce MASS market to adopt SSL). Life was admittedly easier in those days because 2 pillars of the IETF community were spending mega bucks asserting the opposite  of what SSL asserted (there  IS NO social "need" to encrypt credit cards, or , even if you encrypt them you don't need certs/CAs to solve the key management scalability problem). Both ran into social and technical walls, fast, justifying  SSL's core design concept.

What is openid's core value, for a parent?

Here is a few of the spins I've heard over the last 2 years:

1                     Urls are so magical that your openid URL means you don't need multiple passwords

2                     Addresses commenting spam

3                     Brings PGP's web of trust to life, though linkup with ebay-reputation systems

4                     Easy signup to new accounts

5                     Get portability of identity, like with your phone number

6                     Addresses privacy policies  through explicit consent

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Under basic info you should change:

identity be getting your own OpenID and
identity by getting your own OpenID and


On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 6:16 PM, Andrew Arnott <andrewarnott at gmail.com<mailto:andrewarnott at gmail.com>> wrote:
In an effort to get passed the "no customers are asking for it" excuse for not supporting OpenID or OAuth, I'm trying my hand at a Facebook group for the first time and spammed all my friends to join.  It's got several links to various blog posts and openid.net<http://openid.net> to try to help educate the normal Internet user, empower them to be more secure, and encourage them to demand that sites support OpenID and OAuth.

Your comments and participation are most welcome.  But if you post to the Facebook group, just remember the target audience are your parents and non-techy friends.  So no talking about association handles and cryptography! :)

Facebook Group: Take Back Your Identity<http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=84220470521&ref=nf>

Andrew Arnott
"I [may] not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire

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