[OpenID] Can we make a seamless OpenID mobile experience?

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
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I wish Openid would join Concordia (and not just as a bit of marketing to "appear" cooperative). Then, the "community" addressing the same problems would be much stronger, and less divided.

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[Peter Williams]
Many providers use email/password or username/password, but not all, and in fact OAuth and OpenID were built explicitly to not require passwords, which is great. Allen raises a great point, too - one of the scenarios enabled by OpenID is delegating through multiple authorities - i.e,. I use my Google OpenID to log in to, say, Yahoo, and then I use that to authorize Flickr photos to a photo printing service. With the chain of redirects in a browser, this is doable, but how do you manage that chain of responsibility without a browser?

I don't have an answer - doing it in a distributed way is really hard, which is why the community has basically punted on it. I just want to raise that it is a real problem, and if the open protocols always require a one-size-fits-all "stick it in a browser", then they will always be at a competitive disadvantage to systems that do enable login to devices without browsers. So it is in the interests of the community to brainstorm a solution to this problem.

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