[OpenID] general Digest, Vol 32, Issue 55

John Bradley john.bradley at wingaa.com
Thu Apr 9 18:25:46 UTC 2009


It will help going forward with overall RP interop if you support  
negotiating ether option.

I and the assembled RPs thank you.

John Bradley

On 9-Apr-09, at 10:40 AM, Allen Tom wrote:

> John Bradley wrote:
>> Yahoo and I have debated this a number of times. When it comes down  
>> to it if you implement one of the two you meet the spec requirement.
> Hi John,
> Although I'm pretty sure you're the only person who has asked for  
> this, if it helps with interop, we'll add support for HMAC-SHA256.   
> It won't be ready in time for the OSIS interop event at RSA though.
> Allen

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