[OpenID] MySpaceID, Activity Streams, Portable Contacts on OpenID.net

Luke Shepard lshepard at facebook.com
Thu Apr 9 03:07:10 UTC 2009

They do support directed identity:

On "myspace.com":

    <link rel="openid2.provider" type="application/x-openid-kvf" href="http://api.myspace.com/openid" />

And it works without a known identifier.

On 4/8/09 7:34 PM, "Allen Tom" <atom at yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

I believe that MySpace is fully compliant with the OpenID 2.0 spec. It
would be nice if they supported directed identity, so that users can
type in "myspace.com", but this behavior is not required by the spec.
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