[OpenID] What about Logout?

Johannes Ernst jernst+openid.net at netmesh.us
Thu Apr 9 02:00:14 UTC 2009

There is a whole other can of worms re how to best model roles in  

For this use case, I was just thinking that I want to be:
	example.com/~root as administrator of the example.com site
	soccerfan.blogger.com as user of the example.com site in the soccer  

I'd like to be to be certain that after I have done a (small) number  
of actions, I'm not accidentally doing something as root if I didn't  
mean to.

In the Unix world, ^D at the command prompt. Is there an OpenID  

On Apr 8, 2009, at 18:39, Peter Williams wrote:

> You might want to implement this with an impersonation model, rather  
> than slo model, leveraging parallel (multiple) session compartments.
> Think of it in interface binding terms. An object class exports 2  
> soap interfaces, where rbac enforced in the class loader or  
> interface guard limits one's rights to bind an id to a particular  
> interface (implies subset of methods and data types). Or  
> equivalently, in rest and url land, rbac limits which subsets of  
> urls and mime types one can bind the  id to.
> If u do it like this, one gets a take/grant authorization model, in  
> which 1 id can delegate to another, when the roles are sent in the  
> authz element of the assertion. The ax authority releasing roles  
> need not be the same op as is doing user auth (or one can be a front  
> for the other).
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> I'd like to have a single-sign-out button.
> There are plenty of use cases. Here is one: Changing roles.
> I log into a bunch of sites with an "administrator" OpenID, to do
> maintenance for example.
> Then I'm done as administrator, and I'd like to go back to being a
> regular user on all of those sites with a "user" OpenID.
> Johannes Ernst
> NetMesh Inc.

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