[OpenID] [oauth] Replacing email verification with RSS 'push' feeds and OAuth

SitG Admin sysadmin at shadowsinthegarden.com
Wed Apr 8 05:51:43 UTC 2009

>On a related note, social networking sites want users to connect 
>with each other, and the best way for a user to find someone that 
>they know is to search based on email addresses.

Which doesn't mean that the user wants people to be *able* to find 
them just because those people have learned their E-mail address. It 
would be nicer of those social networking sites to answer "Okay, if 
anyone with that E-mail address signs up, they will receive a 
notification that you were looking for them." and then let *those* 
users decide if, or whether, to verify that the search found any user 
on that social network with that E-mail address.

>This is why all decently sized social networking sites ask to import 
>your address book from your mail provider to help you find your 
>friends in your address book who are also using the site.

Thus *also* giving the social networking sites names (often full 
names) to go with those E-mail addresses. Between this and viruses 
that target a a user's E-mail client, I'm really not in favor of 
using address books ;)


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