[OpenID] Recommended user management system?

Jonathan Coffman jonathan.coffman at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 23:17:09 UTC 2009

I¹m in a situation where we¹re Œstarting over¹ with an auth service... And
we¹re looking for a suitable (openID/oAuth friendly) backend system to
manage basic user data. I¹m talking purely authentication as opposed to
authorization. All authorization activities will happen at the application

A little background:
* We¹re a decentralized network of web sites (3 core domains, and nearly 150
Œspoke¹ or network sites).
* We have very few business needs beyond verified email address (by policy
* We operate on many different platforms including django, drupal, php,
movable type, wordpress, and others

This is how we¹re breaking down the project:
* Authentication web service
* ŒRegistration¹ as a product to tie into the auth service
* User profiles

Some of the different options/routes we¹re looking into:
* Atlassian Crowd 
* CoSign 
* Django app building a restful or SOAP API

A hard requirement is that of being able to tie into OpenID/AX/SREG/oAuth as
we progress down this path.

Might any of you have any advice?

-Jonathan Coffman
Product Manager ­ Social Media, PBS
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