[OpenID] About Facebook, MySpace and OpenID

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
Mon Apr 6 19:27:09 UTC 2009

It mentions the RP must store OAuth values, but says nothing of AX attributes.

This should be documented in the main API. Thanks.

Also it doesn't talk about the specifics, such as attributes you've never
asked for before (or Google doesn't support) will still be returned when
you later do ask (or Google starts supporting); or how Google
interprets the if_available list in terms of the user's choice.

In the description of how to use AX, we have the following entry:

openid.ext1.required   (required) Specifies the attribute being requested. Currently, the only valid value is "email". This parameter must be set or Google will ignore the request.

In terms of "attributes you' ve never seen before" I think the better time to change the documentation is when announcing support for additional attributes. With a single supported attribute this point is mute.

 [Peter Williams] The only think Im going to do is ask my vendor if their openid implementation for RPs (offloading from the RP webapp) complies with the standard (and third-party-managed interoperability accords). Im not going to ask them: does it do Google's API, or openid through the Google API. I will not bend my RP system to any one OP - even if they are AT&T (or Google).

I have no expectation of ever reading the Google API document. I have every expectation of reading the openid documentation for RP from my favorite websso stack vendor, which will talk to Google OP (hopefully). If it turns out that working with Google has certain architectural implications on RP design that are not present with other OPs, I'll probably ignore Google (until the firm decides to follow the open standard, and nothing more). Now, if for some reason, I *want* to have a bilateral agreement with Google, in which my RP is all tuned up the value-add that Google OP offers above and beyond the standard, then that's fine. I can imagine of folks wanting that, so a bit of google  success rubs off on them. But I don't; I want openid everywhere, vs access to google's value add..

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