[OpenID] "declining OpenID usage"

Peter Williams pwilliams at rapattoni.com
Mon Apr 6 01:57:31 UTC 2009

The article was all about shopping (and thus payment).

I bet its still true that yahoo say its inappropriate to use their openid assertions for financial transactions (given the way idp cookies are/were handled). We will see if live and google step up and allow or deny random sites the right to use and rely on their assertions for financial transactions/purposes - even one's valued at only $1.

The real fun will come when ebay allows a buyer to contest an auction's closure under their dispute rules where the seller was (websso) authenticated by google, the buyer was (websso) authenticated by yahoo, and the buyer originally logged into her paypal account to pay using her (now suspended) paypal openid.

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>2. I was inspired to look at the numbers after seeing Eric Reis talk
>at Web2. He's pushing measurement so that you can have a conversation
>that's based on data rather than opinions. A lot of people have told
>me that our numbers are low because of our UI. That's an opinion. It's
>easy to find supporting arguments for that opinion, but it should be
>just as easy to prove the opinion with some numbers.
How about three hundred million numbers?
I don't think it addresses your specific circumstances, but I don't know the details. This may help a bit, it may not.

>decline in usage. For example, we had two large conferences that were
>a year apart in the same city. The first year adoption was 8% and the
>second year adoption was 3%.
I would speculate that the 3% rate was constant, and your first year startled out of the bushes that 5% reservoir of people whose interest was still going even without OpenID to latch onto, but speculations won't help here - you still need hard facts.


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