[OpenID] How I got OpenID working for me.

John Panzer jpanzer at acm.org
Sun Apr 5 22:16:40 UTC 2009

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 9:44 AM, Robert Shaver <rob at shaverassociates.net>wrote:

> I've tried and tried and tried to use OpenID. I've failed every time upto
> now. Why? Because I can't figure out how to get one or use the one I already
> have.

Sorry to hear you've been having problems -- and thanks for the feedback!

> I have a blog on Blogger. The OpenID help page says that I can use it as an
> OpenID. Specifically it says on this page http://openid.net/get/  to use "
> *blogname*.blogspot.com". But what does this really mean?
> I know I'm supposed to use some string in place of "blogname", but what
> string? Is it my Goggle account ID? Tried that ... fails. Is it the title of
> my blog? I think not because it has spaces in it. Is it the URL to my blog?
> My blog subdomain is "newmedia101" so I tried "newmedia101.blogspot.com"
> and "newmedia101.blogger.com", but those didn't work.
> Then I found the OpenID tab in my blogger dashboard. It said that my OpenID
> is ** http://newmedia101.austincsl.org/ but that failed. Then I tried "
> newmedia101.austincsl.org/" and that worked. Wow. Finally success after
> months of trying.
> (And, yes, I knew the URL from the beginning but thought I had to follow
> the directions. I tried the above string but it didn't work the first time.
> I must have had a typo, so I thought I'd eliminated that as aposibility.)
> So now how to we get the documentation fixed?

So, there are a couple of issues here:

1. There's no documentation on this in the official Blogger documentation

2. The unofficial documentation at http://openid.net/get is incomplete; it
should say something like "The URL of your blog, for example,

In an effort to make OpenID look simple, I think the documentation has been
> dumbed down too far. At least for Blogger, why can't is say, "Check the
> OpenID tab in your Blogger dashboard."

This may be a good idea as well.

> Well this have been a good exercise for me. I always check my facts when
> writing these kinds of messages and that forced me to look deeper into the
> issues and, thus, solving it for myself. I thought about not sending this at
> all but perhaps it might be useful to someone.

It's definitely useful, thanks.

Also, regarding support for OpenID 1.1 vs OpenID 2.0 :  We're committed to
supporting the current standard, and are planning to upgrade to 2.0 in the
near future.

-John Panzer
(Wearing Blogger eng manager hat)
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