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Rabbit rabbit at cyberpunkrock.com
Fri Apr 3 21:56:46 UTC 2009

On Apr 3, 2009, at 4:56 PM, Andrew Arnott wrote:
> Specifically what I'm thinking about is a kind of personal "push"  
> RSS feed.  An RSS feed that instead of a user adding items to it  
> that everyone can read, it's a feed that everyone can write to, that  
> only the user can read.  Basically like inbound-only email.  But it  
> could be built on a system that supports validation, particularly  
> enabling validating some kind of association with an OpenID.  For  
> instance, and OpenID's XRDS document might advertise a service URI  
> that accepts messages, which will in some way sends messages to the  
> user.

Excellent idea!
This is almost exactly what I have been thinking.

What are the most common reasons an RP needs to contact a user?

* Account recovery mechanism
* Internal service updates (new features, feature functionality  
changed, newsletter)
* Service activity updates (your friend posted new content)
* more?

Internal service updates and service activity updates can be RSS feeds  
the user subscribes to (or the OP displays to the user when the user  
logs in).

The RP would only need to facilitate account recovery if the user is  
locked out of their OP which I believe we need a way to recover  
accounts independently from the OP.

I wrote more about that here:

I would be interested to see a full list of reasons an RP would need  
your e-mail address. I'm willing to bet the 3 reasons I listed here  
account for most of them making e-mail not as important as some suggest.

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