[OpenID] My 2 Cents to the OpenID foundation

SitG Admin sysadmin at shadowsinthegarden.com
Fri Apr 3 07:32:57 UTC 2009

>4) By definition the no of OP's will be much less than the no of RP's. Hence
>wouldnt it be easier to solve the problem on the OP's side rather than the
>RP's side?

As we come fully into a UCI age, OP's may well outnumber RP's (each 
user running their own personal OP, in addition to more reliable 
(commercial) OP's for MultiAuth to access highly-secured RP's. Then 
again, with OAuth in the picture users may all be running their own 
*RP's* as well.

I think I can feel one of my heads coming on. G'night ;)


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