[OpenID] My 2 Cents to the OpenID foundation

Bill Shupp hostmaster at shupp.org
Fri Apr 3 06:45:16 UTC 2009

On Apr 2, 2009, at 8:09 PM, John Bradley wrote:

> Martin,
> Myspace supports HMAC-SHA256 and DH-SHA256 for openID 2.0 in my  
> testing.
> If they have a openID 2.0 interop issue please let me know and I  
> will attempt to capture it in an OSIS interop test.   However I am  
> not seeing a problem with there associations, or anything else on a  
> quick look.
> Regards
> John Bradley

I just did a quick test of myspace with a library I'm working on, and  
used HMAC-SHA256 and DH-SHA256 successfully.


Bill Shupp

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