[OpenID] Live Icons for visual recognition of IDP logos

Allen Tom atom at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Apr 2 18:36:57 UTC 2009

Peter Williams wrote:
> There seem 3 main technical choices, for _/mainstream/_ failure 
> engineering addressing OPs (or suspension/cessation of 
> assertion-minting privileges by the OP, under its terms of service).
> RPs normally bind multiple openids to the account
> RPs host a new vanity XRDS, delegating to both the introducing OP and 
> to at least itself (as a fallback  OP)
> RPs offer account recovery/restoration, based on some or other 
> authentication scheme
RPs should allow users to bind multiple identifiers to a user's account, 
and allow users to add and remove them.

For most consumer oriented websites, account recovery via verified email 
address is probably the most realistic option. Many users have problems 
remembering their secret questions, and the secret answers may change 
over time. (Your favorite movie might change) Additionally, many the 
answers to many secret questions might not be all that secret. (when did 
you graduate high school, what's your hometown)


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