[OpenID] My Suggestion for OpenID 2.1

santrajan santrajan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 09:33:05 UTC 2009

Before I start my suggestion I must say, there may be many ways of doing what
ever i have suggested below. So the modalities of achieving the result is
not really important. However what is inviolable is the end result.
"The user MUST be able to authenticate himself with OpenID using his email
address if he so chooses to".

Here is my suggestion for OpenID 2.1.

Openid foundation MUST host (or delegate to someone) an OpenID XRI Community
Server (henceforth to known as OXCS), identified by a business i-name. eg.
@OpenID21. For OpenID 2.1

The OXCS MUST allow the creation of FREE sub-names. A sub-name MUST be a
unique id generated from an email address.
eg. It could be a base64 encoded hash of the email address.

The OXCS MUST allow sub-sub-names. A sub-sub-name MUST be the preffered name
an OP wants to identify itself to the user of the email address, and will be
associated with an endpoint.
eg. MYOpenID, GoogleAccount.

Interested OP's MUST register themselves with the OXCS with a sub-sub-name
and endpoint.

OXCS MUST allow registered OP's to create (sub-name)*(sub-sub-name)
combinations at OXCS.

Registered OP's MUST allow users to authenticate themseleves with their
email address.

Registered OP's MUST verify the email address. (This is not necessary if the
OP is also the email provider).

Registered OP's MUST create a (sub-name)*(sub-sub-name) at OXCS for every
verified email address and ONLY for a verified email address.

Registered OP's must provide at the least the authenticated email address to
the RP by either supporting OpenID Simple Registration Extension 1.0 or
OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0.
RP's MUST accept an email address as a valid OpenID. 

In the case an email address is given, the RP MUST generate an XRI using
(OXCS i-name)*(sub-name) combination and perform a discovery on OXCS.

The discovery at OXCS MUST yeild one of the following results. 
1) A list of more than one sub-sub-name along with their endpoints.(ie. if
the user has registerd with more than one OP). In which case the RP MUST ask
the user for the default OP he would like to use at the RP, and save that
preferance for future use, and send him on his way.
2) One sub-sub-name with endpoint. In which case the RP can send him on his
3) NO sub-sub-name. In which case the RP MUST perform a discovery on the
domain part of the email address and send him on his way if the discovery is
successfull. Otherwise the RP can take whatever appropriate action he likes.

RP's MUST ensure that the email address returned by the OP is same as the
one provided by the user, while verifying the message signature.

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