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I would suggest that you can also leverage a lot of research that OpenID
sites (both RPs and OPs) have performed in terms of making authentication
more user-friendly, to where it can:

1. Improve the percentage of users that complete the account creation flow
in your site.
2. Improve the percentage of users that have a more complete profile in your
site (this is particularly significant for OPs that support attribute
exchange/simple registration/or some form of authorization protocol to
exchange further information from the user account, such as OAuth).
3. Potentially improve on the percentage of signed-in users visiting your
site when comparing the situation of traditional login flows.

After all, business cases are about showing the mondy.

Google's own research is available at the public site:



--Breno (Google).

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 6:32 PM, Jonathan Coffman <
jonathan.coffman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey there all, If you have a moment to breeze through the following I would
> really appreciate it.
> Here’s the situation: we’re a major media company who is scrapping all
> prior user authentication systems and building from the ground-up. I’m
> working to make the case that OpenID absolutely has to be a key component of
> this new system. Am I missing key points or mis-characterizing the things
> I’ve learned? (I’ve read through many blog posts, watched all kinds of
> presentations on slideshare, etc to compile the below)
> -- btw: I do plan to post this to my blog once it’s a little more fleshed
> out.
> ==========
> OpenID Business Case
> Summary: OpenID is an emerging web standard upon which users are able to
> use existing accounts from major providers, like Google and Yahoo, in order
> to sign in to other sites. In support of TKTKT commitment to open standards
> and given that OpenID is quickly becoming a market requirement the TKT
> Universal Authentication System will take advantage of the technology.
> Key Reasons to use OpenID:
> ·      OpenID is a system for decentralized single sign-on; it solves the
> technology problem of duplicate usernames and the user problem of having to
> manage multiple usernames and passwords securely.
> ·      Users control and manage their own identity, which aligns with the
> TKTKTK mission of empowering users to participate as well as our dedication
> to open standards and technology.
> ·      Simple Registration system in OpenID can help users fill out their
> registration form with things like their name, email address, location, etc
> without us having to force them to fill out those fields.
> ·      The OpenID provider's business is authentication; they can invest
> much more effort than we can in securing user's data and information than we
> can.
> ·      Increase in number of sign-ups due to fewer form fields to fill out
> during registration, and ease of user interface.
> ·      Persistent log-ins, each time the user opens the site they don’t
> have to sign-in again.
> ·      Fewer support resources necessary as users rely on their identity
> provider of choice.
> ·      Being an open standard, hundreds of people are working to enhance
> the technology and TKT has an opportunity to not only participate, but also
> give back.
> ·      Marketing and promotional opportunities around TKT adoption of the
> OpenStack would be seen as an extremely positive move in the technology
> community and return positive buzz.
> User Adoption: There are over 500 million OpenID enabled users originating
> from the following sites and thousands more:
> ·      AOL
> ·      Yahoo
> ·      Blogger
> ·      Flickr
> ·      Livedoor
> ·      LiveJournal
> ·      Wordpress.com
> ·      SmugMug
> ·      Technorati
> ·      Orange
> ·      Vox
> ·      ClaimID
> ·      MyOpenID
> ·      MyID.net
> ·      Myvidoop
> ·      Verisign
> Market Support:
> ·      Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, Yahoo, PayPal, Verisign, and
> Facebook all have representatives on the OpenID board.
> ·      Those companies and many more are heavily invested in seeing this
> standard adopted, and competing technologies have folded into the OpenStack
> and are concentrating on their own individual niches as enhancements rather
> than replacements of OpenID (oAuth, ActivityStreams, PortableContacts,
> MicroFormats).
> ·      Users expect for their data to be portable between sites, a social
> network or site with social functionality that does not allow the user to
> take their information with them across the web is going against the
> marketplace.
> ·      Over 35,000 sites currently accept OpenIDs (with sites like Blogger
> and WordPress being counted as single sites despite having millions of
> blogs).
> ·      Whitelabel social networking products have already enabled all of
> their customers to begin accepting OpenID, including Ning and KickApps, and
> pbWiki.
> TKT Technology Platforms Support - The following software in-use on TKTKTKT
> and TKTKT web sites support OpenID already:
> ·      MovableType (out of the box)
> ·      WordPress (well-tested module)
> ·      Drupal (out of the box)
> ·      Joomla (out of the box)
> ·      Plone (out of the box)
> ·      Atlassian (JIRA) (out of the box)
> ·      Basecamp/Backpack/HighRise (out of the box)
> ·      MediaWiki (extension)
> At the end of the list I included some of the products we use internally as
> well because let’s not forget the efficiencies created in utilizing a web
> standard for our own internal usage as well.
> Security Benefits:
> ·      TKTK doesn’t have security efforts, nor should we be in the business
> of managing user’s online identities, especially given the amount of data
> and information that is collected by systems.
> ·      OpenID supports alternative methods of authentication beyond
> anything that we would actually need such as:
> o   Sign-in via client side SSL Certificates
> o   Image based passwords and recovery
> o   2-factor authentication such as password+text message
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