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Mon Mar 26 04:57:55 UTC 2007

Costa Rican Judge Carlos Chinchilla, creator of the virtual personality
human right(*), was elected by the CR Congress as Magistrate(**), the
highest position in the CR legal hierarchy.

XDI board members and Scott Blackmer met Carlos in CR in 2004.

Carlos is promoting the virtual personality fundamental right, a strategic
component of the identity Big Bang.

If you want to read an interview Carlos gave a week ago click here:

Carlos participates in the vps mailing list, <
virtual_personality_symposium at virtualrights.org>, for anyone interested to
contact him.

(**) The Costa Rican legal system highest, is the full Court, composed of 22
Magistrates elected for life. Carlos is one of the 5 Magistrates of the
Criminal Supreme Court.

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