[OpenID] Proposal for Modularizing Auth 2.0 Discovery

David Fuelling sappenin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 05:05:47 UTC 2007

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> Subject: RE: Proposal for Modularizing Auth 2.0 Discovery
> > I own markbaker.ca., and publish http URIs in that namespace.  I might
> > (I don't) also have email addresses there, say mark at markbaker.ca.  If
> > a public standard were crafted which defined a mapping for
> > mailto:mark at markbaker.ca to something under http://markbaker.ca (say,
> > http://markbaker.ca/~mark), then by virtue of minting a new
> > markbaker.ca email address, the corresponding http URI is now
> > effectively reserved, and unavailable for me to use as anything other
> > than an alias.
> Yadis/OpenID discovery via SMTP would allow you to resolve
> mark at markbaker.ca
> to anything (in fact, it doesn't have to be something under
> http://markbaker.ca!). It would be convenient to tie mark at makrbaker.ca to
> http://markbaker.ca/~mark, but that's totally up to the domain owner.
> Hence
> zero squatting.

Ditto with the Http-based email-address to OpenId mapping proposal.

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