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Erwin Boogert erwinboogert at xs4all.nl
Sun Mar 4 21:25:00 UTC 2007

List and mods,

I tried to unsubscribe following the instructions at the bottom of  
each mail. That doesn't work though.

Could any of the moderators please contact me off list to help me  

Erwin Boogert

Op 4-mrt-2007, om 21:00 heeft general-request at openid.net het volgende  

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> Message: 1
> Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 15:27:45 +0100
> From: Claus F?rber <GMANE at faerber.muc.de>
> Subject: Re: [OpenID] What Should an OpenId Be? [WAS: RE: Proposal for
> 	Modularizing Auth 2.0 Discovery]
> To: general at openid.net
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> Stephen Paul Weber schrieb:
>> The only point I made in the earlier debate is that all email
>> addresses ARE URIs (without a protocol).  Thus,
>> singpolyma at singpolyma.net (which is normalized to
>> http://singpolyma@singpolyma.net/) is actually a valid OpenID...
> It isn't. While syntactically a correct HTTP URI, it does not have
> semantics that make is usable as an OpenID.
> Claus
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> Message: 2
> Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 09:51:36 -0500
> From: Terry Braun <tab at talking.com>
> Subject: [OpenID] Id system requirements (was P2P and
> 	decentralization)
> Cc: general at openid.net
> Message-ID: <45EADCF8.2010009 at talking.com>
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> I think an identity system will need to provide accountability,
> anonymity and selective disclosure.
> If I spam a blog, there must be some way I can be held accountable and
> therefore have some consequence for my action.
> If I want to join a group where my membership could have an impact  
> on my
> job, then I want anonymity.
> And if I want to participate in a group that has some requirement such
> as age, I want to be able to disclose just that information and no  
> more.
> I'm an incrementalist, so all these things don't need to be in  
> place at
> once (openid is a big step forward as it is), but if the requirements
> are agreeable, it would be good to see a way to go from where we  
> are to
> there.
> The only way I can see to meet these goals is to use a token for an
> identity that is separate from the identity rather than to have the
> identity be the token.
> Terry
> Kaliya * wrote:
>> I think it is important to think about how different communities have
>> different needs around identifiers and what happens to them.  Women
>> have a different relationship to the web an privacy.  If one is a
>> woman one can't list one'self in the Skype directory because one will
>> get SkypeStalkers. I learned this before I signed up for my account
>> from other women.   I am not saying that OpenID's will lead to
>> this...It is an example of a social phenomena experienced that when I
>> have shared with men who work in the tech industry surprises them. I
>> am guessing there are a few  perspectives that we have  not heard  
>> from
>> when thinking about this (XFN and OpenID).
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