[OpenID] Id system requirements (was P2P and decentralization)

Terry Braun tab at talking.com
Sun Mar 4 14:51:36 UTC 2007

I think an identity system will need to provide accountability, 
anonymity and selective disclosure.

If I spam a blog, there must be some way I can be held accountable and 
therefore have some consequence for my action.
If I want to join a group where my membership could have an impact on my 
job, then I want anonymity.
And if I want to participate in a group that has some requirement such 
as age, I want to be able to disclose just that information and no more.

I'm an incrementalist, so all these things don't need to be in place at 
once (openid is a big step forward as it is), but if the requirements 
are agreeable, it would be good to see a way to go from where we are to 

The only way I can see to meet these goals is to use a token for an 
identity that is separate from the identity rather than to have the 
identity be the token.


Kaliya * wrote:
> I think it is important to think about how different communities have 
> different needs around identifiers and what happens to them.  Women 
> have a different relationship to the web an privacy.  If one is a 
> woman one can't list one'self in the Skype directory because one will 
> get SkypeStalkers. I learned this before I signed up for my account 
> from other women.   I am not saying that OpenID's will lead to 
> this...It is an example of a social phenomena experienced that when I 
> have shared with men who work in the tech industry surprises them. I 
> am guessing there are a few  perspectives that we have  not heard from 
> when thinking about this (XFN and OpenID).

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