[OpenID] OpenID, P2P and decentralization

Dave Kearns dkearns at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 17:32:05 UTC 2007

From: Martin Atkins
> Of course, one can put up contact forms and blogs and other such things
> under an OpenID identifier that *do* expose various ways to harass or
> bother the owner, but the owner of an identifier is free to choose what
> is exposed under that identifier. Most MyOpenID identifiers resolve to
> pages that just say "This is an OpenID Identifier", for example. My
> primary OpenID Identifier resolves to a page that says "I'm Martin
> Atkins and here's my blog"; it doesn't, however, give my IM contact
> details or email address, nor any other way to contact me directly.

This then leads to the question of what benefit is it to someone to share
another's OpenID publicly? (i.e., the scenario Kaliya railed against)

If there is no benefit, why are people so passionately defending the


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