[OpenID] OpenID, P2P and decentralization

Paul Madsen paulmadsen at rogers.com
Fri Mar 2 19:10:03 UTC 2007

David, you wouldn't give out my email, my home address, my SIN, or my 
phone number without asking yourself whether I might object, why should 
an OpenID be different?


Recordon, David wrote:
> So you feel it is inappropriate for me to list you publicly somewhere 
> as a colleague, friend, and someone I've met?  How is this different 
> than blogging about attending ETel and you being there?
> --David
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> I get really freaked out when People start talking XFN and identities 
> of any kind.
> Personally I never want my OpenID identifier in ANYONE's XFN file.  
> This sort of social graph portability is highly privacy invasive and 
> goes against the "laws" that people should have both control and 
> consent for where PII goes.
> I would like to see some deeper thought go into how OpenID plays well 
> with emerging projects like Higgins and the Liberty People service 
> that are looking hard at contextual identity management and how to 
> port social graphs while respecting privacy.
> I get that many folks here are not concerned about where they end up 
> in other peoples social graphs and how they are ported around the web 
> without their knowledge.  I am.  Many people do. Many people do who 
> will be users of OpenID.
> On 3/1/07, *seb20* <seb.deuxzero at googlemail.com 
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>     Hello,
>     I wonder if anyone has thought about building an OpenID solution
>     (provider/consumer) based on P2P and XFN ? I wrote a small
>     presentation you can see here, if you want to see what I mean (very
>     high level, not too technical):
>     http://www.egomedium.net/fr/wp-content/p2popenid.pdf
>     This would allow to decentralize the identity repository, and store
>     fragments of identities on your friends network. If people are
>     interested, maybe we could start a page on the Wiki, and if it makes
>     sense, where ?
>     Sebastien
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