[OpenID] OpenID, P2P and decentralization

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So you feel it is inappropriate for me to list you publicly somewhere as
a colleague, friend, and someone I've met?  How is this different than
blogging about attending ETel and you being there?


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I get really freaked out when People start talking XFN and identities of
any kind.

Personally I never want my OpenID identifier in ANYONE's XFN file.  This
sort of social graph portability is highly privacy invasive and goes
against the "laws" that people should have both control and consent for
where PII goes. 

I would like to see some deeper thought go into how OpenID plays well
with emerging projects like Higgins and the Liberty People service that
are looking hard at contextual identity management and how to port
social graphs while respecting privacy. 

I get that many folks here are not concerned about where they end up in
other peoples social graphs and how they are ported around the web
without their knowledge.  I am.  Many people do. Many people do who will
be users of OpenID. 

On 3/1/07, seb20 <seb.deuxzero at googlemail.com> wrote: 

	I wonder if anyone has thought about building an OpenID solution
	(provider/consumer) based on P2P and XFN ? I wrote a small
	presentation you can see here, if you want to see what I mean
	high level, not too technical): 
	This would allow to decentralize the identity repository, and
	fragments of identities on your friends network. If people are 
	interested, maybe we could start a page on the Wiki, and if it
	sense, where ?
	general mailing list
	general at openid.net

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