[OpenID] OpenID PHP5 Zend Framework Library

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at janrain.com
Mon Feb 26 22:23:06 UTC 2007

# The second is that because of those requirements, core components
# must be written from scratch with a clear record of its
# progress. Hence the proposal and offsite subversion repository since
# its an obvious audit trail.

That makes sense.

# As for a *second* PHP library - I completely agree its blatant NIH
# (Not Invented Here) practice but that's what is required in order
# for OpenID support to be integrated directly into the Zend Framework
# under a New BSD License and the clean IP policy, as well its
# PHP5-only rules. Hence why I had to note it's not a side swipe at
# the Janrain library ;). It's not and I didn't want anyone wrongly
# interpreting it that way.


# Anyway, hopefully the above explains more on the "why" of a second
# library. It's completely framework-centric in its motivations - even
# I still intend using the Janrain library outside of my Zend
# Framework based work :).

Ok, thank you for the explanation.  Good luck.  (In any case, we're
always interested in feedback, bug reports, and improvements to our
code, and you won't have to sign any papers there.)

Thanks again,

  Jonathan Daugherty
  JanRain, Inc.
  irc.freenode.net: cygnus in #openid

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