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Steven Osborn osborn.steven at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 21:46:28 UTC 2007

Hey thanks!  Your guess was right on.  I can get a working provider if
I use file system stores instead of MySQL.  I'm not really sure why
MySQL doesn't seem to work I'm using root right now and I already
created the database.  Is there anything else required to initialize
the data store?

On 2/23/07, Jonathan Daugherty <cygnus at janrain.com> wrote:
> # I'm getting the results below when using JanRain example site.
> # Associate always passes, but checkid_setup fails with the error
> # below.  From the best I can tell reading the spec is that the server
> # didn't accept the assoc_handle for some reason.  My PHP setup can be
> # seen at bitsetters.com/phpinfo.php if that matters much.
> <snip>
> # * Server denied check_authentication
> My guess is that the store is misconfigured and that the
> check_authentication response is therefore one or more PHP error
> messages, which won't parse as a valid check_auth response, thus
> resulting in the above error.  I recommend double-checking the store
> settings in the generated config.php file.
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