[OpenID] Microsoft and OpenID Q&A

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Fri Feb 23 17:16:15 UTC 2007

>> Won't the required changes to OpenID turn it into a heavyweight protocol?
> It's also a concern I have: OpenID 1.0 was very simple, easy to use
> and to deploy. OpenID 2.0 is already far from that and pressures to
> add stuff like i-names only aggravate it. I wonder if the bloating is
> related to a deal with Microsoft.

This is actually a good point.  For people that just may be joining the
OpenID community it may appear the two are linked somehow.

Back in January I made a post about the XRI/i-names folks joining the OpenID


Also, the latest version of the specification may be longer but a lot of
that is clarification of things.  This often takes more verbiage.  The 1.1
spec was often criticized for its lack of clarity and verbosity on specific
topics.  Much of this has been addressed in the 2.0 spec but the side effect
is that its longer in length.

The Microsoft announcement was about them joining the OpenID community and
participating here on these mailing lists like everyone else.  They chose to
make a public statement about embracing the technology as others like AOL,
Digg and Netvibes are doing as well.

- Scott

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