[OpenID] Microsoft and OpenID Q&A

Eric Norman ejnorman at doit.wisc.edu
Thu Feb 22 02:03:20 UTC 2007

On Feb 21, 2007, at 6:23 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> Since Bill Gates endorsed OpenID on stage recently, lots of people 
> have been asking questions (followed by stating opinions...) about 
> what the relationship between Microsoft and the OpenID community is, 
> should or should not be.
> I'd like to collect your questions, and make sure they get discussed, 
> hopefully answered and documented somewhere. Please respond either on 
> the list or personally. (Some people might not be comfortable asking 
> publicly -- yep, it does happen, in particular on that kind of 
> subject. Anonymous questions are fine ;-))
> Here are some questions that I have collected so far.
> 1. Has Microsoft made any commitment to implement OpenID in any 
> product? If so, which?
> 2. Has the OpenID Community committed to support any WS-* protocols? 
> If so, which and how?
> 3. Hang on, how can the OpenID Community commit to anything (WS-* or 
> anything else), given that it is self-organizing and not "managed" by 
> anybody?
> 4. What would be the advantages / disadvantages of using Microsoft's 
> CardSpace with OpenID?

4a.  (More detailed)  What are the strengths of one that are weaknesses 
of the other?

5.  What changes (installation, behavior, other software) will need to 

6.  Will a large population "all have to jump at once" to effect 

7.  Which parts (code, protocols, etc) of each will be discarded (no 
longer useful)?

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