[OpenID] OpenID Chance II

Roland Sassen (using mozilla) sassen at thinsia.com
Mon Feb 19 21:09:24 UTC 2007

Hello Johannes,
a solution could look like this, worked out with existing software:

Citizendium wants to know if content A from virtual identity Alice
comes from the person professor Alice born 01.01.1960 in Melbourne
and got her PhD in Sydney, 1990, in Physics, cum laude.

There will be more than once content from Alice, Alice can move, die,
marry, change her name. The attributes of the person Alice can change.

Citizendium is not interested in the person Professor Alice, but in her
professional history at the delivering date of her content A, and in her
content A of course.

Professor Alice might become a suicide bomber. Or suddenly she
changes her point of view, from astronomy to astrology.  As long
as nobody knows this, this is not relevant to anybody. There can be
a point in time when the world knows about things she does, and her
reputation is not good enough anymore for Citizendium. But maybe
it was just a jealous subject, putting misinformation in the press.

Because Citizendium is a content organization, and not a human resource
organization, these two can be separated.

As long as Citizendium can be quite sure  where the content comes from,
the organization of the content-creators can be localized  somewhere else.

So as Professor Alice works on her content A, she stores a working copy
on her Personal Internet Portal. As soon as she is ready, content A is
flagged accordingly. Once a day Citizendium´s content robot checks Alice´s
PIP, sees the content A´s ready attribute, and mails a couple of 
invitations to
supervisors on the topic of content A. As soon as two supervisors have
agreed on content A, it is flagged, and captured by the next Citizendium 
The content-team checks content A, and if ok passes it to the layout team,
to publish it in the Citizendium library.

Professor Alice allows comments to her articles on her wiki at her Personal
Internet Portal.
Professor Abraham makes some suggestions about Article A, Professor Kate
disagrees with him, and makes some new ones. After a couple of weeks,
Professor Alice sees that one argument of Professor Abraham still stands,
and changes content A accordingly.

In the meantime Professor Alice moves on to Europe, marries and gets a job
at the University of Cambridge. She changes her personal information just
once, on her Personal Internet Portal.
For the Citizendium organization, nothing has chanced, her content is 
as ever, and Citizendium is free of malware.

Professor Alice can login to her PIP with OpenID. She might want to add
some other identification technology when she flags content A for ready.
The supervisors use OpenID to supervise content A, the Citizendium robot
uses OpenID to capture content A, and Professor Abraham and professor
Kate login with OpenID to give their comments.

what do you think?

Johannes Ernst schrieb:
> When you say 'prepare a ... solution', what do you have in mind? A 
> spec? Code?
> On Feb 19, 2007, at 1:23, Roland Sassen (using mozilla) wrote:
>> Hello Johannes,
>> I suggest that you and I prepare a Citizendium-OpenID solution, and 
>> as soon as we
>> agree we send it to Mike Johnson and Larry Sanger.
>> The Citizendium people are in some hurry to get a solution ready, as 
>> you can read here 
>> <http://forum.citizendium.org/index.php/topic,571.0.html>
>> Thanks,
>> Roland
>> <wo156.jpg>
>> <http://www.heartbeat-id.com/15>

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