[OpenID] Skypecast

Jon Mills jon at devtroop.com
Sun Feb 18 21:57:02 UTC 2007

The response regarding the OpenID Skypecast/Podcast has been great, we are
going to go ahead with it. It looks like it will be a Weekly Skypecast at
7pm EST every Wednesday, and the podcast being released the next day after
editing. A domain has been registered for the occasion, www.idcast.org This
will contain a summary blog, and the hosting for the podcast.

So to recap.

Skypecast 7pm EST Wednesdays (info at www.idcast.org shortly, when the
domain becomes active)
Podcasts Available every Thursday evening also at www.idcast.org

Topics will include, OpenID News, Future Predictions, Social Integration, to
name a few.

Anyone interesting in participating, feel free to email me with any

If you are unfamiliar to Skypecasts, they are pretty much just moderated
conference calls, allowing unlimited participates, the link for the actual
session will be on the website the day of the show.

-Jon Mills 

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