[OpenID] OpenID Skypecast

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Sun Feb 18 18:58:10 UTC 2007

Hi Jon,

> My organization is going to host a Skypecast for OpenID. I really wanted to
> know if anyone would be interested in speaking or contributing anything. This
> would be a great discussion forum, and much more interactive than a podcast.
> (We would record and edit it down to be released as a podcast) As a sort of
> moderated conference call, live questions could be answered, and topics
> discussed. 
> Let me know if you can contribute. By opening up a live discussion to the
> public, I think we could really get a sense of what the community is
> interested in, and what questions they have.

I'd be more than happy to participate in this.  I know that doing the
podcasts with Aldo on "The Story of Digital Identity" has been very
rewarding.  I've done a few of those as well as Johannes, Chris Messina,
Drummond Reed and many, many others.  Lots of people to choose from here and
I'm sure we all love to talk on the subject ... :-)

- Scott

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