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Higgins is not an IBM project. It's owned by the community of committers
most of whom do not work for IBM (nor Eclipse!). The Eclipse Foundation is
just like Apache or Mozilla. Anyone can propose a project and host the
project there.


FWIW, I think bridging the OpenID, CardSpace, etc. islands, adding more
direct user control over their data, enhancing privacy, working with the
policy community (e.g. at Berkman) on privacy, etc. is reasonably "far


What "crisis" did you have in mind?





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Ah, is that all? Heh. Crisis averted. Thanks. I guess I figured since it was
IBM and Eclipse that it'd be more complex and far-reaching.






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Higgins is a InfoCard selector and has plans on speaking OpenID.


-- Dick


On 14-Feb-07, at 11:38 PM, Scott Hanselman wrote:


Can someone explain to me how Higgins[1] fits into the
OpenID/CardSpace/Identity 2.0 ecosystem? I can see how OpenID/CardSpace
neatly help each other, but Higgins seems like a "me too" and I'm sure I'm
missing something.


[1] http://www.eclipse.org/higgins 




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