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Unlike CardSpace and OpenID the Higgins project isn't trying to create a new
protocol. Its goal is to present a consistent user experience for identity
interactions that "just works" irrespective of the underlying protocol.
Higgins is a "glue" project. We're defining a framework into which you can
plug your favorite identity technology. 


WRT UI: It's true that we are developing a card-based UI as Dick said, but
it's slightly different from CardSpace because we need to support a wider
range of services "underneath" the card:


*	Our cards support both STS endpoints and URIs. We support both the
Microsoft-defined CardSpace card format (which is a metadata "wrapper"
around a WS-Trust (STS) endpoint), but we also support Higgins card format
(which is a metadata wrapper around a URI/XRI endpoint (e.g. an OpenID
*	Our managed cards may be editable. Since a CardSpace WS-Trust
endpoint is a token service, CardSpace managed i-cards are "read-only".
Higgins managed i-cards OTOH can "point to" (using the URI/XRI) services
that may allow the user to write/update attribute data about them. To allow
the user to do this we're added an i-card manager webapp. 





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Higgins is a InfoCard selector and has plans on speaking OpenID.


-- Dick


On 14-Feb-07, at 11:38 PM, Scott Hanselman wrote:

Can someone explain to me how Higgins[1] fits into the
OpenID/CardSpace/Identity 2.0 ecosystem? I can see how OpenID/CardSpace
neatly help each other, but Higgins seems like a "me too" and I'm sure I'm
missing something.


[1] http://www.eclipse.org/higgins 




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