[OpenID] Attempting to document the "Email Address as OpenId" debate.

Oleg Galkin galkin.oleg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 17:45:06 UTC 2007


I'm newbie here so let me enter your discussion and say few things about 
the subject.
Citation from Wiki page:

"Arguments In Favor (with Rebuttals)
A) Email addresses are something that users already carry around with 
them stored in their brain.
Email addresses are pervasive. Everyone has one, and everyone knows what 
their email address is. Thus, allowing emails to be used in place of an 
OpenId URL would significantly help spur adoption across the internet.

AR) Once OpenId URLs become widespread, they will be easily remembered, too.
Once users utilize their OpenId URL enough, they will remember that just 
as easily as other key internet information like their email address. 
Thus, over the long term, this "problem of memory" will go away. 
However, in the short term, the argument above does have some merit."

I think that OpenID NEVER will be widespread without support of email 
address as an OpenId identifier. My sentence could seeme too harsh for 
you, but there are millions of people that just don't understand what 
URL is. They just don't understand it. I heard that the most often 
google request is "Yahoo", because many people don't know that they 
could enter yahoo URL and go to the site directly, they think that they 
can go there only from google page. And how many people do you know who 
owns  their own URL (blog, personal homepage etc.) BUT many people are 
familiar with email addresses, moreover all Internet users have mailboxes.

I think that it is absolutely necessary for OpenID to implement email 
support in spite of all arguments against it. I even think that this is 
the matter of OpenID survival.

Sorry for my bad english.

With best regards,
Oleg Galkin

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