[OpenID] Wiki page: Attempting to document the "Email Address as OpenId" debate.

Robert Yates robyates70 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 16:54:02 UTC 2007

On 2/14/07, Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic.fr> wrote:
> A real-world example is NAI (Network Access Identifiers) in RFC 4282.
> Mine is bortzmeyer at net2.nerim.nerim. Certainly not an email address.

Is a URI scheme defined for RFC 4282?, I took a quick look and
couldn't find one.

As Phillip keeps pointing out [1] [2] there is an important
distinction between what the user is expected to type and the
canonical representation used by the machines. IMO, this wiki page
*should* be about mailto: URI's as openids and not other machine
representations that happen to use the same user format.


[1] http://openid.net/pipermail/general/2007-February/001705.html
[2] http://openid.net/pipermail/specs/2006-November/000811.html

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