[OpenID] XRI I18N (Was Re: Benefits of XRI i-names/i-numbers asOpenIDs)

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Wed Feb 14 01:31:30 UTC 2007

+1 to Wil's point that XDI.org needed to balance the ability to have
semantically meaningful and culturally-sensitive identifiers with the need
to protect against phishing attacks. 

Also, as Wil's messages point out, we've found that XRI synonym architecture
(the ability to resolve multiple i-names to the same i-number to establish
that they are synonyms for the same logical resource) is a very helpful new
tool for helping solve some (not all) of the difficult issues with semantic


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Dmitry Shechtman wrote:
> Interesting. Does that mean registering =мама would actually lock =mama?
Yes, when we accept registration for cyrillic that would most likely be 
the policy. One could argue that locking each other out when they bear 
entirely different meaning is undesirable, but we need to somehow 
balance the need to protect registrants from phishing / squatting 
against being culturally sensitive.

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