[OpenID] No benefits of XRI i-names/i-numbersas OpenIDs(was:isopenid 2.0 a lightweight identity system?)

Chasen, Les les.chasen at neustar.biz
Wed Feb 14 00:36:28 UTC 2007

Yes ofcourse the global registry is rooted at well known addresses
(equal.xri.net and at.xri.net) and managed by Cordance and Neustar for
XDI.org.   It serves up the XRD description of a global identity (i-name
or i-number).  I was not arguing that the GRS was not centralized.  It
is a centralized registry that is responsible to XDI.org.  I think this
is necessary to have a trust network for identities.

http://xri.net is a client side resolver that we run to help the
community of users but anyone can run one and should run it.

Anybody can run a community that is tied to the GRS or not.  This,
xri://(your-uri.example.com)*johndoe,  is a perfectly legal XRI.

Yes, I agree 100% with Scott's response.

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> Les Chasen wrote:
> > [David Fuelling wrote:]
> > > Why should the OpenId spec coronate a given vendor/endpoint?  A
> > > spec should be more agnostic (like it is now).
> >
> > I think it is.  It is just pointing people to a public server that
> > resolve an iname so that folks don't have to install one themselves.
> > Xri.net is not the authoritative source for an XRI.
> But everyone assumes we're talking about i-names, not fully general
> resolution.  I've yet to hear anyone really advocate using, say, an
> with a community root with OpenID.  That is, you don't want OpenID to
> support XRI in order to use xri://(your-uri.example.com)*johndoe as a
> personal identifier.
> So we're just talking about i-names in the = and @ registries, which
> _do_ in fact each have a single authoritative source, equal.xri.net
> at.xri.net, if I understand the GSS on that point.  I'm not trying to
> say that's a terrible thing -- the existence of the GRS is necessary
> support many of the properties that you've designed i-names to have --
> but I think it's a little confusing to try to argue that it doesn't
> this centralized, single-authority property.
> and, stepping back from this particular detail for a moment,
> I still think the best response I've seen to this debate is the
> from Scott at the beginning of this year,
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.openid.general/3633
> (03 Jan 2007, "Re: [OpenID] Anti-XRI FUD").
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